This will be my last blog post before I start focusing on posting my new work on my Facebook page instead.  For the time being, I feel more people will see photos on that platform, which is my goal at the moment as I restart my business in my new city, and make new connections!

Last weekend, on May 28th and 29th, I photographed a dressage and jumping clinic at the Pine Tree Riding Club in Barnhartvale, which I am realizing is a real hub for horse activity in the Kamloops area. There are many beautiful acreages out there as well as lovely residential areas, and in the middle of it all is the Pine Tree riding grounds (I have a feeling they were there first, and the houses ended up surrounding it!). Some participants were able to simply ride down the road to the grounds. :)


This mare had a beautiful head, plus colour and disposition to match!

Saying goodbye at the end of the dressage clinic day. ;)

This little grey was very elegant — unfortunately I don’t have an elegant shot of him jumping, so I’ll leave it at a headshot!

The classes started with trot poles and worked their way up to crossrails and small verticals.
Many horses and riders were fairly new to jumping.

This was the first time this Percheron-cross mare had jumped, and she did great!

Her owner was very pleased with her can-do attitude. :)

This liverpool was a subject of contention for a lot of the horses, but this little Thoroughbred rocketed over it!

This dog was almost as big as the horses… ;)

This senior dog (I think he’s 16) is obviously still enjoying life!

After the clinic, I spent some time exploring Barnhartvale and took photos of some of the gorgeous acreages.

These dairy cows have one of the best views in the valley, I think!

Part of the herd took off running while I was taking pictures, no doubt to get another look at…

…this stunning view!