While many places in Alberta and British Columbia have been celebrating the disappearance of snow and the coming of warmer weather, the Crowsnest Pass hasn’t even got the memo that it’s spring yet. Only a week ago, we got another two feet of wet snow, on top of the three feet already in our yard. Our Airedale Terrier, Abby, has simply been walking over the fence and taking herself on walks lately! She also enjoys taking after the Red Squirrels in our yard, who tease her relentlessly with their high-pitched chattering and scurrying up trees at the last moment. Of course their favourite hide-out is the BIRD feeder, which the three of them quarrel endlessly over. It’s not uncommon to see them impersonating their cousin the Flying Squirrel by leaping off of the bird feeder when challenged by one of their peers. They have a network of tunnels under the snow, so escape is never a problem. Their energy is endless, and it’s a bit like having dinner theatre out the window. :)

I hope you enjoy the winter photos below, and the antics of some neurotic squirrels!

This is most recognizable landmark in the Pass, Crowsnest Mountain.
The stark trees in the eastern Crowsnest Pass are a constant reminder of the Lost Creek Forest Fire of 2003.

And now for some shots taken from the warmth of my house…
Somewhere under all this snow is our picnic table and garden!

The four foot fence is just peeking out.

The squirrels begin the day by holding a morning meeting from the fencepost.

“C’mon everyone, we have to make a plan for teasing the dog today!”

In the afternoon, it’s time for some gentle stretching and aerobics.

Afterward, cool off with a snow bath.

Then it’s time to fuel up on bird seed again, and give anyone
who dares to challenge you (like a lady with a camera) a stare-down!

I’ve always had a special fascination with squirrels. In grade four, I did my science fair project on “Feeding Preferences of the Red Squirrel”. My scientific procedure was to build a sectioned feeding tray and fill it with six different types of seeds, nuts, and raisins, then weigh how much was left each day. I seem to recall my squirrel liked sunflower seeds the best. :) I won first place in the science fair, too!