Horse and rider

A review from Brittanya & Shamsu: “I am so entirely impressed and very happy with the pictures that you took of us! I love that you knew exactly where to take us for the best shots even though you had never been to our place and managed to capture our relationship so accurately! Plus it was fun! Your advice on choosing pictures has been invaluable. I can’t wait to do another shoot! Thank you soooo much!”


As a lifelong equestrian myself, I appreciate the deep commitment you have to your horse. My ability to capture this bond has made horse and rider portraits one of my most popular services. Enjoy the company of your horse, with light posing guidance, while I create heartfelt portraits. The horse may be in hand, under saddle, or both. Sessions can also focus only on your horse, with headshots, photos taken at liberty, and closeups of all the things that make them unique.

Beyond simply celebrating your day-to-day relationship with your horse, special occasions to have a horse and rider photo session include:

    • graduation photos in your dress or formal wear
      to preserve memories of an outgrown or aging mount
      as part of a family portrait session|
      to promote your equine business


    Kamloops stallion advertising

    A picture is worth a thousand words and can be worth thousands of dollars when it comes to stallion advertisement and sale horse promotion. Professional photos show your horse off to their best advantage and instantly add value. Digital image packages are available for these sessions.

    Framed print

    60 minute Portrait Session

    • $200 print credit is included
    • Suitable for 1-2 horses and their rider
    • Additional horses and riders can be added for $150 each
    • Sessions take place within 10km of Kamloops city limits, or additional mileage may be purchased one-way at $1/km. Flat rates apply to nearby cities and towns
    • Produces a large variety of 50-60 images of the horse(s) and rider
    • Digital images, prints and products are purchased separately
    • We will review your images together, in-person in my Kamloops studio, or virtually (using screen sharing), at which time you will place and pay for your order. Digital images are also available.

    60 minute Sale Horse Package

    • Suitable for one horse (and rider, if horse is under saddle)
    • Additional horses can be added for $150 each
    • Sessions take place within 10km of Kamloops city limits, or additional mileage may be purchased one-way at $1/km. Flat rates apply to nearby cities and towns
    • Headshots, conformation, liberty, and/or riding photos.
    • Includes 15 medium-resolution digital images, suitable for web use
    • Additional images available for purchase
    • Together we will review your images virtually, using screen sharing, at which time you will choose your included digital images


    After creating your custom portraits, we will select your favourites together, in-person or virtually. You will be able to view artwork samples and I will recommend the best mediums for displaying your particular images. Print, cherish, and share your stunning photos!

    Canvas wall art

    For those planning wall art, you can preview your images on your walls with my visualization software. Your full collection of images can be displayed in an album designed just for you. Gift items include small prints, image cubes, and collages. Each item is personally inspected before being delivered to you. Slideshows and digital images sized for social media allow you to share your favourites with all of your friends and family.

    Horse and rider album

    Don’t let a USB of your memories sit in a drawer for months or even years before you get around to printing them. You can have your professional prints much sooner, and their quality ensures they will last a lifetime.



    I will come to where your horse is kept and identify all the hidden gem backgrounds with the best light. If you have a trailer, we can meet in a unique location such as the beach or an earthy forest.


    I have lots of tricks to get your horse to look for the moment it takes for a photo (plus, my shutter is as fast as 1/8000 of a second — no horse can move faster than that!). Your horse will get breaks to eat grass and smell the roses along the way. Trust me, even the flightiest horse has yet to escape my magic lens!


    Most people feel awkward at the beginning of a photo session. Because we will be shooting in a relaxed outdoor space and you will have your horse to focus on, you should feel more at ease. You won’t spend much time looking directly at the camera. I will guide you on where to look and what to do with your hands and body, and you will quickly feel comfortable. I provide open-ended posing guidance: I will give you an idea of what to do, but exactly how it’s done is up to you (for example, give your horse a hug). This results in natural, candid photos.


    As a full-service photographer, I not only create timeless portraits, but also design and print the highest-quality wall art and albums with my professional partners. Before your session, I will send you an exciting product guide with all the possibilities. Interest-free payment plans are available. Price ranges are:

    Luxury album: $490 – $1470 (average)
    Gallery-wrapped canvas (large wall art: $290 – $690
    Prints on metal (large wall art): $340 – $$890
    Framed print wall art: $390 – $990
    Professional prints: $35 – $135
    High-resolution digital images for unlimited printing: $95 each or packages from $450-$850; can be free or reduced with purchase of certain products.
    Digital images optimized for social media: Free with a minimum $750 product purchase.