I was recently at Sun Meadows Equestrian Centre in Barnhartvale (just east of Kamloops).  I had the pleasure of photographing an adorable new foal, Finnegan. He was only a week old when I met him, but already so independent! He came over to investigate the camera promptly, and galloped around his paddock with no concern for his mother’s whereabouts, only returning to sample the milk bar at regular intervals. ;) What a cutie!

Beautiful momma.

I love it when horses scratch their ears or faces with their hind feet.
So awkward, yet in a way graceful, since I imagine it takes some coordination!

Trying to hide behind the post, are we? You’re not THAT little, Fin!

After half an hour of playing, he finally settled down for a nap in the sunshine.

Jutta also got a few photos with her favourite horse, who had amazingly dexterous ears!

Below is a fun slideshow of Finnegan’s photos!