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Westsyde Connection Magazine – Felix

As a resident of Westsyde in Kamloops, I’m tickled that we have our very own little magazine called Westsyde Connection. This fall, I offered to write a story and photograph our local cat celebrity, Felix. I read about him frequently on the Westsyde – It’s Our Community page on Facebook and thought it would be fun to get the full story on him by interviewing his owner, Michelle, and meeting him myself. He was a little bit camera shy, but I followed him as he started exploring, as he always does. Eventually, he stopped and posed, as if to say, “Fine, you can have ONE portrait, and then I’ve got things to do and people to see!” I’m usually found doing Kamloops dog photography, but I couldn’t resist this handsome Kamloops kitty!

An old English proverb says, “A cat has nine lives. For three he plays, for three he strays, and for the last three he stays.” This certainly seems true for Felix.

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Johvale Cross Country Jumping Clinic – Julie and Monty

Anyone who knows me knows that I love draft horses and crosses. I have two myself! When I met Julie and Monty at the Johvale cross country jumping clinic last year, I was tickled to see a Shire cross eating up the jumps. Julie was in my lesson group though, so I didn’t get to take any photos of her jumping. This year, she was in a different group, so I made sure to catch one of their lessons. Monty was easily one of the steadiest horses out there, and always seemed to take off at the right point for the jumps, making everything look effortless. I mostly took videos of them jumping, but there’s a few few photos of them hacking and galloping below too. Isn’t he fantastic?!

Balanced Horse Bodywork (Kamloops Equine Photography)

My friend Katie recently launched her equine bodywork and structural integration business, Balanced Horse Bodywork (give her page a like!). Back in late December, when we amazingly still had no snow, we used my horse Theo as a model to create some photos to advertise her business. Theo very much enjoyed his treatment, falling asleep and letting his rope hold up his head, leaning into her touch, yawning dramatically, and even resting his head on her shoulder when he was untied. What a ham!

You can check out Katie’s website to learn more about the fascinating art of structural integration and see how it might benefit your horse: She has special introductory rates for spring 2019, and services the Kamloops area as well as travelling within BC — she’s recently done trips to the lower mainland and Pemberton.

Equine bodywork in Kamloops
Equine bodywork in Kamloops
Equine bodywork in Kamloops
Equine bodywork in Kamloops
Equine bodywork in Kamloops

Kirin and Kirsten – Monte Creek Ranch Winery Wedding in Kamloops

I had the privilege of photographing the wedding of two wonderful friends this past weekend. Kirin was one of the first friends I made after moving to BC, and I’ve enjoyed watching his relationship with Kirsten blossom.

Although I have lived in BC for seven years now and worked at many Kamloops wedding venues, this was the first time I have photographed a wedding at a vineyard! Monte Creek Ranch Winery certainly provided a stunning backdrop for this special day, filled with love, laughter, family, and friends. In addition to a beautiful couple and bridal party, I also had Kirin’s restored Volkswagon Beetle to use as a prop. 😀 He’s had this car since he was a teenager and his goal was always to include it in his future wedding day. He just finished it this summer, although it ended up needing an engine replacement rather last minute, as in the last month! I’m so glad everything worked out, though naturally we had to do a silly photo of Kirsten pushing the car. 😉

Their winter engagement photos are also worth a second look!

Ceremony venue: Monte Creek Ranch
Marriage Officiant: Sherin Jensen

Kirin and Kirsten opted to do a reveal, where they see each other before the ceremony, and do most of their portraits beforehand too. The reveal was in Kirsten’s parent’s lovely backyard garden in Barnhartvale.

Clearwater Engagement Session – Kirin and Kirsten

Kirin was one of the first people I met when I moved to Kamloops.  We became quick friends, having world travels in common, and he proved to be a reliable, generous, and easy going friend.  I’m sure these are just some of the qualities that his fiance Kirsten appreciates.  She is kind, loyal, and motivated and these two complement each other so well.  I’m glad to now call them both friends!  I’m honoured that they’ve chosen me to photograph their wedding this September.  We had so much fun doing their engagement session photos in Wells Grey Provincial Park, near Clearwater, British Columbia.  Below is their engagement session slideshow, and Kirsten also answered a few questions about their relationship to make this blog story-rich as well as photo-rich… enjoy!

 How did you meet?
The new world way – online dating.  They say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but it lead me to find the only man for me! Our first date was at a Starbucks. I showed up wearing heels, as I always dress up for a first date, and he showed up on a street bike in leathers. At first I thought he was chach and he thought I was prissy and didn’t believe my love of the outdoors and camping – just goes to show you that first impressions aren’t everything and are often proven wrong. We sat for hours and talked until they kicked us out of Starbucks, by which time our true personalities had come through. On my way home, I called a friend and told her I may have just gone on the last first date of my life… and the rest is history!

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I was recently at Sun Meadows Equestrian Centre in Barnhartvale (just east of Kamloops).  I had the pleasure of photographing an adorable new foal, Finnegan. He was only a week old when I met him, but already so independent! He came over to investigate the camera promptly, and galloped around his paddock with no concern for his mother’s whereabouts, only returning to sample the milk bar at regular intervals. ;) What a cutie!

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