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Clearwater / Wells Grey Engagement Session – Kirin and Kirsten

I started this blog when I moved to Kamloops in 2011, but after a few posts, I realized my time was better spent networking on Facebook, as I needed to connect with my new community, and social media was the way to go.  I have long since successfully re-established my business, and always meant to get back to blogging… before I knew it, seven years had passed and now it’s 2018!  Facebook is now making it harder and harder for followers to actually see the posts on the pages they follow, so I am giving the blog another try.  I’ll be linking to my posts from Facebook, but feel free to bookmark this site.
It seems fitting to re-start the blog with a post featuring one of the first people I met when I moved to Kamloops.  Kirin and I became quick friends, having world travels in common, and he proved to be a reliable, generous, and easy going friend.  I’m sure these are just some of the qualities that his fiance Kirsten appreciates.  She is kind, loyal, and motivated and these two compliment each other so well.  I’m glad to now call them both friends!  I’m honoured that they’ve chosen me to photograph their wedding this September.  We had so much fun doing their engagement session photos in Wells Grey Provincial Park, near Clearwater, British Columbia.  Below is their engagement session slideshow, and Kirsten also answered a few questions about their relationship to make this blog story-rich as well as photo-rich… enjoy!

 How did you meet?
The new world way – online dating.  They say there are plenty of fish in the sea, but it lead me to find the only man for me! Our first date was at a Starbucks. I showed up wearing heels, as I always dress up for a first date, and he showed up on a street bike in leathers. At first I thought he was chach and he thought I was prissy and didn’t believe my love of the outdoors and camping – just goes to show you that first impressions aren’t everything and are often proven wrong. We sat for hours and talked until they kicked us out of Starbucks, by which time our true personalities had come through. On my way home, I called a friend and told her I may have just gone on the last first date of my life… and the rest is history!

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